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In addition to its rented halls and installations, the ICC also offers technical production services for a variety of events held at the center. These technical production services include: 
  • Cooperation with suppliers – preparation of technical specifications, review of price proposals and selection of suppliers, timetable management, setup and breakdown management and supervision over equipment layout in the field. 
  • Security and safety services – preparation of a safety program by a certified engineer, and setup and breakdown consultation by a safety officer.
  • Recruitment and management of ushers, stewards and security personnel.
  • Production – real-time production event management in all of its logistical and operational aspects.
These services are intended both for end customers, businesses or governmental/public bodies that hold events in Binyanei Hauma and for production companies and independent producers that specialize primarily in content and less so from the technical side. The customer enjoys the significant purchasing power of the ICC
vis-à-vis a wide variety of leading suppliers in the industry, from savings in transport, storage and setup costs of equipment, and from proven systems that include a skilled local staff working in full synchronization with all parties involved in production.

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