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The Founding Charter olem - Binyanei Ha'uma f ICC Jerusa

ICC Jerusalem - Binyanei Ha'uma is at the same time both a national and a popular enterprise. This nature of the institution finds prominent expression in the signing ceremony for the Founding Charter of ICC Jerusalem which was held on the 7th of Shvat, 5710 (January 25, 1950) at a ceremonial gathering held by the full Executive Board of the Jewish Agency. Leaders of that generation and public figures in Israel signed the document at this ceremony. People who struggled alongside Herzl stood next to people who fought in the War of Independence and together signed the renewed covenant between Jerusalem and the People of Israel. The spirit of the ICC Jerusalem enterprise is reflected in the names of those who signed the Founding Charter: the President, the Prime Minister and his ministers, members of the Jewish Agency Executive Board, members of the Knesset, heads of the national funds and dozens of representatives from the founding settlements. The speakers in thatevent expounded on the importance of this great enterprise – experiencing the vision and the magnitude of the fact of ICC Jerusalem. (From: ICC Jerusalem - Binyanei Ha'uma, 1950, issued by the Binyanei Ha'uma Association) 
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