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The largest of Israel's exhibitions

The Exhibition of the Decade was the largest ever held up to that point in Israel, and took place as part of the state's 10th anniversary celebrations. This exhibition was designed to be an educational and public relations enterprise with a target audience that included the citizens of Israel and tourists.

Two main categories  made up the exhibition: "the national section", which was intended to explain the historic background of the People of Israel through the establishment of the state and was divided into several subparts: "The New-Old Nation", "Immigration Absorption", "Care for a Healthy People", “Education, Culture and Art", "The IDF Pavilion", "Researching and Utilizing Nature", "Economic Achievements" and "Looking to the Future” while the second category, "the economic section" was intended to present the achievements of the Israeli economy, and its pavilions were rented to commercial enterprises. This category was also divided into several subparts: "Institutions and Services", "Tourism, Recreation, Transportation", "Food, Clothing and Health", "The Home and Its Contents", "Machinery and Metal" and "Development Enterprises". Foreign firms were also represented. 

The Exhibition of the Decade was opened on June 5, 1958 and covered an area of 120,000 m². This exhibition provided the pretext for completing the stone cladding on the exterior walls of ICC Jerusalem - Binyanei Ha'uma. The exhibition was opened with a festive event when President Yitzhak Ben Zvi pulled a lever that lit the exhibition grounds.   The President and Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion gave speeches and a choral group and orchestra performed Haydn's oratorio "The Creation". A broadcast studio for Kol Yisrael radio station was set up at the exhibition, from which quizzes were broadcast directly with the participation of the audience and at which performances were given by the Dudaim, the Nahal Troupe and Arik Einstein, among others. The exhibition was shown for a period of two and a half months, attended by some 600,000 people from all walks of life. 

After the exhibition was concluded, it was intended that part of it would remain as a permanent exhibition as was done with the "Conquering the Wilderness" exhibition, but the groups financing the exhibition – Keren Hayesod, the Jewish National Fund, the Government Tourism Company and the Jewish Agency – declined to transfer additional funds for its continued presentation.
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