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Conquering the Wilderness Exhibition

The International Exhibition "Conquering the Wilderness", which was opened in 1953, was planned together with the construction of Binyanei Ha'uma so that only two years after its opening, an important international exhibition would already be held in the building. UNESCO, the education, science and cultural organization of the United Nations, aware of the loss of fertile agricultural lands as the result of a lack of skills and negligent utilization of land throughout the world, chose the State of Israel, which sits on the edge of the desert, as the venue for the exhibition. The exhibition was organized by Alexander (Ezer) Yevzarov, the builder and manager of Binyanei Ha'uma.  

Technological solutions for sources of water, methods for improving plant varieties and farm animals, advanced agricultural equipment and road building devices were presented there. Among the countries that participated in the exhibition were Belgium, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, Denmark, the United States, Canada, Turkey and Greece. More than half a million people visited the exhibition. It was a central event in the life of the country and was seen as a clear Zionist event. Based on the enormous success of the Israeli pavilion at the exhibition, it was decided to make it a permanent exhibition, but was dismantled at the displeasure of many in order to create the "Exhibition of the Decade".
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