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Born for Greatness

The International Convention Center in Jerusalem - Binyanei Ha'uma was established in 1950 as part of a plan for the construction of a governmental center at Givat Ram in Jerusalem. The founders of ICC Jerusalem were the Jewish Agency, the Jewish National Fund and the Jerusalem Economic Development Company, which joined together to build a conference center that would serve as a symbol of the sovereignty of the young State of Israel and serve as a center for the entire Jewish people. 

ICC Jerusalem was planned to be the official seat of the Zionist Congress, which had migrated since its establishment among various European cities and would now find its permanent residence with the establishment of the national home of the Jewish people in the Land of Israel. And indeed, even before construction was completed, the 23rd Zionist Congress convened at ICC Jerusalem, the first to be held in the State of Israel. 
The builders and thinkers behind ICC Jerusalem looked toward the future and marked the building for greatness: it was to be designed as a center for international conferences and congresses, art exhibitions and assemblies of science and wisdom. The founders' goal was to demonstrate to the citizens of Israel, the Jews of the Diaspora and the nations of the world the role that Jerusalem fulfills in Jewish life and the contribution of the Jewish people to world civilization and culture.

Since then and to this very day, more than 65 years afterward, Binyanei Ha'uma – or as it is currently called, the International Conference Center in Jerusalem - Binyanei Ha'uma – is considered the most important and most reputable conference center in Israel. The International Conference Center continues to be the home of the Zionist Congress with international and national conferences and cultural and arts events taking place there as foreseen by its proponents.
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