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Teddy Hall

Innovation and prestige
Multiuse, unique and elegant – such is Teddy Hall named after Teddy Kollek, the mythological mayor of the City of Jerusalem. Its style and structure allow it to be used for a broad range of events: conferences and conventions, balls, exhibitions, galas, festive meals, fashion shows, product launchings, auctions, family events, media center and tests.
Location and access Teddy Hall is located in a new wing of the ICC and so benefits from a separate access road and entrance with underground parking for 330 vehicles.
Unique design
Magnificent Teddy Hall has an eye-catching and exciting design. It combines wall-to-wall carpeting with Jerusalem stone and oak elements on its walls in perfect harmony. Through the glass floor in the Teddy Foyer, visitors are exposed to an archaeological site from the 1st-2nd  Century AD. The site includes two kilns for producing ceramics used by the 10th Roman Legion that encamped at the spot.
Sophisticated accessorization
An  adjacent kitchen, audiovisual systems, projection equipment, 8  simultaneous translation booths that overlook those entering the conference, electrical and communications outlets set in the floor and walls, decorative bars built into the ceiling design for connecting lighting equipment.
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