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Oranim Halls

Conferences in a Jerusalem atmosphere

The Oranim Wing is used for hosting conventions and conferences, exhibitions, registration, press rooms and tests.It is considered to be one of the most elegant and attractive sites for holding conferences and conventions. The wing is comprised of four separate halls that can be joined into one large hall. The modular layout of the Oranim Wing enables it to function, on the one hand, as a large conference hall containing 790 seats or as an expansive area for exhibitions or, on the other hand as a closed site with several separate halls with a warmer and more personal character, suitable for large conferences having several simultaneous breakout sessions. 
The Jerusalem stone arches in the corridor and the acoustical wood partitions that separate the halls impart a cozy atmosphere to the complex. The carpeted walls, low ceilings and dimmed lighting intensify the sense of intimacy and geniality that characterize the wing.
The Oranim halls are equipped with the best available advanced technologies:translation booths, portable amplification and lighting systems and built-in screens.
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