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Ussishkin Auditorium

Heritage, size and strength 
The largest auditorium in Israel, named for Menachem Ussishkin, andesigned by the renowned architect Zeev Rechter. Over the years, several mythological events in the annals of Israeli society have been hosted here, among them Zionist congresses, the Demjanjuk Trial, Bible quizzes, Eurovision competitions, Israel Prize ceremonies, presidential conferences, and even a speech by US President Obama. 
Some of the greats of world music have performed on the stage of the Ussishkin Auditorium, among them: Frank Sinatra, Mercedes Sosa, Elton John, Barbra Streisand and Chick Corea. Currently, the hall plays host on a permanent basis to the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra along with performances by other Israeli and international artists.
Over the years, the hall has been refurbished several times and now offers high-quality acoustics, comfortable seating and sophisticated equipment that provide an ideal response to the needs of high-attendance conferences, conventions and cultural performances.
The planned uses of the hall include motivational evenings, balls, social evenings, galas, fashion shows, ceremonies, conferences, conventions, auctions and shows.
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