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Louis Armstrong at ICC Jerusalem!

Over the years, the International Convention Center – ICC Jerusalem has hosted
giants from the world of music and entertainment.
Now 11 copies of decades-old posters are presented in a new exhibition: 'Music in
Pictures'. Carefully chosen by the curator: Eran Litvin, from the private collection of the collector Ilan Biber, each poster tells the story of an epoch that will never return.
One of the posters displayed at the new exhibition announces the show of gigantic
jazz musician: Louis Armstrong, who arrived to Israel in 1959, and gave an unforgettable and exciting performance at ICC Jerusalem together with other jazz stars.
In the 60s and 70s, many musical, dance, poetry and classical music performances
had come to Jerusalem from all over the world. One of the most interesting
posters in the exhibition, from November 1960, was stick around Jerusalem prior
to performance of the famous Indian dancer and choreographer: Ram Gopal, who
considered by the western world as the pioneer of Indian dance, which combines
ballet. The poster said that the performance was taking place under the kind
patronage of Mayor Mr. Ish Shalom (Mordechai Ish Shalom).
Interesting to think what would the current mayor say about such a poster?
Another interesting poster could be found on the billboards of Jerusalem promoting the
performance of the American singer Harry Belafonte (1960), a great Jamaican
singer known as the "King of Calypso" for his success in bringing the
Caribbean music to United States, at the early 50s.
And those who yearn to the nostalgic Hebrew chant can find at the exhibition the
poster of 'Jerusalem with Love' performance, from October 1967. At the Show
attended Arik Lavie, Naomi Shemer, Mike Burstein, "The Dudaim", Osnat
Paz and Effie Netzer, only a few month after the Six-Days War, under an
atmosphere of euphoria in Israel and certainly in Jerusalem. 
Mrs. Mira Altman, CEO at ICC Jerusalem, says:  "For 66 years the place
here has served as a national pantheon, a magnet for major events in Israel's
history, culture and art.
The posters presented in the new exhibition represent part of the history of the
State and the city of Jerusalem, Arousing longing for a naive period that seems
so distant these days."

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