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"Mediterranean Boulevard" Exhibition - Sigal Mellinger

Location of the exhibition:  western lobby of Ussishkin Auditorium. 
The scenes created by Sigal Mellinger are taken from everyday life elsewhere. Its curling lines and clean paint surfaces build together idyllic lunches of eternal afternoon stretched beyond their time and fixed on the canvas in line and stains.

Here are the coastline and the resting chairs. Here are the curved windows of Jaffa, the terraces with geraniums dotting their ledges with patches of red and orange and green. Here are the curved street lamps, benches and umbrellas, cafe tables, sea and light. The figures inhabiting this world are as gentle as a palm of palm tree, contracted as a
flutter of a pen line on coffee napkin, as optimistic as a short story about
new love. Accordingly, all these characters are being engaged in eternal
leisure activities: strolling along the promenade or sitting for a romantic
meeting at the romantic cafe.

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