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Long Exposure - the Night Sky in the Negev and the Arctic Circle

Nimrod has been connected to photography since his childhood. He is a natural
autodidact, and acquired his education in photography independently during the past ten
years, while developing professionally he hasn't stop researching various
techniques. His works are highly regarded, adorn the homes and offices of
various clients and have won competitions in Israel and abroad. 
Driven by a unique perspective and a great passion for aesthetics along with his keen and sensitive eye for textures and details, Nimrod is in constant creative search
for the next visual excitement. This search led him to deal extensively with
the photography of the night sky, and led him to distance such as: the Arctic
Circle - a place where the northern glamor Is revealed in all its splendor, the
Negev Desert where he had captured the bright stars of the sky with a
magnificent mosaic of lights and darkness that grow into a wondrous experience.
In order to produce spectacular photographs that reflects and recreates the
variety of colors in the sky and the motion of the stars, it is necessary to
use "long exposure," that is, at a slow shutter speed, allowing a
large amount of light to penetrate the camera lens. In this exhibition, Nimrod
presents images that were all created in this process of long exposure, while
emphasizing both the small details and the overall composition, sometimes even
in conditions of total darkness.
The result is breathtaking and captures the viewer with an extraordinary beauty of

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